How do I apply for SCRA benefits?

To see if you're eligible, please send an email to and one of our specialists will assist you. Please make sure to include one or more of the following:

A copy of your enlistment orders or military orders calling you to active duty service 

A properly completed Department of Defense Short Form (available from your local JAG or Housing Office)

A letter on official letterhead from your commanding officer that includes contact information for confirmation and includes your full name and social security number or date of birth 

As of August 13, 2018, the SCRA was amended and now allows servicemembers to submit additional forms of documentation to provide proof of military service regarding a request for SCRA relief. Previously, a service member was required to provide orders. Now, a servicemember can provide anything defined as an "appropriate indicator of military service".

Therefore, we will be expanding the acceptable forms of documentation to also include the following:

• DD Form 214 (veterans discharge papers and separation documents);
• DD Form 215 (a corrected version of a DD Form 214);
• VA Benefits Award Letter; or
• Military Disability Award Letter.
We also will provide a list of documentation that is not considered an "appropriate indicator of military service", which is listed below:
• Federal Veterans ID Card
• Military ID
• Sponsor ID
• State issued driver’s license with “veteran” or “military” designation
• State issued ID card with “veteran” or “military” designation
• Email address ending in “.mil”
• Access to an FPO, APO or DPO mailbox address
• Picture of servicemember in uniform
• Any documents listed under “Acceptable forms of documentation” that are found to be altered or fraudulent
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