AvantCard Payments

How can I make my payments for the AvantCard? 

We have a few methods of payments available for our AvantCard customers. You are welcome to register your checking or savings account to your file here at Avant and can set up either recurring payments through our AutoPay service or initiate one-time payments on the dates you prefer. Additionally, you are welcome to submit paper check or money order payments to the following address:

Avant, LLC
PO Box 1429 
Carol Stream, IL 60132-1429 

When submitting paper check payments, we request that you provide the following information on the check:
● Full name as it appears on your statement
● Last 4 of your credit card account number
Note: Credit Cards are not an acceptable method of repayment for the AvantCard. Payments must be received by 5 pm Central time to be credited as of that day.

Why does my payment status for the AvantCard say "pending"?

A payment to the AvantCard will be in a pending status for overnight processing. If a customer initiates a payment before 5:00pm CT on a given day, the customer will receive credit for making the payment that day. However, the payment itself may be in a pending status until the funds are received and have cleared from the customer's financial institution. Once the payment clears, the customer’s current balance will be adjusted to reflect the payment amount they’ve initiated.

Can I choose/change my AvantCard minimum payment due date?

At this time, AvantCard does not allow our customers to change their payment due date. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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