AvantCard Pricing & Features

What are the terms of the AvantCard?

Once the application is complete, we have received all required information, and you are qualified, your specific terms (determined by factors such as your credit history, income, and other debt obligations) will be made available to you in the account opening package you will receive along with your AvantCard which includes your cardmember agreement. 

What is the annual membership fee? 

APRs, annual membership fees, and other pricing terms is available on the cardmember agreement that was sent alongside your AvantCard. This can be found on your customer dashboard or via a AvantCard customer specialist. 

The annual membership fee is charged during the first billing period after the card is sent to you. 

Subsequent annual membership fees will be charged at the end of the billing cycle 12 months after your initial membership fee charge. For example, if your first annual membership fee was charged in July of this year, your annual membership fee will be charged in July every subsequent year. 

Can I transfer the balance of my other debts to the AvantCard? 

At this time, the AvantCard does not allow for balance transfers.

Does Avant have a rewards program for AvantCard? 

AvantCard does not currently have a rewards program.

Can I receive a Cash Advance on my AvantCard? 

The AvantCard does offer Cash Advance as a feature. Cash advances are limited to 25% of the credit limit and are subject to an additional fee. A fee (The greater of $10 or 3% of the cash transaction) will be charged to customers for cash advance transactions. Interest will begin to accrue right away. To obtain a cash advance, AvantCard customers will need to visit an ATM and use your PIN.

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