AvantCard PIN Number

How do I get my AvantCard Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

Our automated system allows you to generate a PIN by following a few simple steps. Please call 888-891-2435 and our automated system will guide you to enter the necessary information. Once the information is validated, you will be asked to choose your own PIN. 

What information do I need to provide to generate a PIN?

To generate a PIN, you may be required to provide certain personal details such as your card number, last four digits of your social security number, and other identification information. Please have this information handy when using the automated system.

Can I choose my own PIN?

Yes, our automated system will allow you to choose your own PIN if your account is in good standing. PINs cannot be sequential or have repeating numbers. The system will guide you through the process and provide instructions accordingly.

What should I do if I forget my PIN after generating it through the automated system?

If you forget your PIN, please call 888-891-2435 and our automated system will guide you through the process to generate a new PIN. If you still have issues, please contact our customer support team directly by calling the number listed above or emailing us at creditcards@avant.com. 

Can I generate a PIN for someone else's account using the automated system?

No, for security purposes, you can only generate a PIN for your own account. If you need assistance with generating a PIN for someone else's account, we recommend contacting our customer support team for further guidance.

How often can I update my PIN?

Customers can select a new PIN once every day.

Why do I need a PIN for my AvantCard?

AvantCard customers are provided with a PIN for certain transactions such as ATM cash advances and certain foreign transactions. For general purchases you will not be required to provide your PIN. If a merchant asks for your PIN while making a purchase, advise the merchant that your AvantCard is a “Chip and Signature” card and does not require a PIN in order to complete the transaction.

How quickly after I create or change my PIN can I receive a cash advance?

Once you’ve created your PIN, you can take a cash advance from your Avant card immediately. All cash advances are subject to approval.

Contact Support Email: creditcards@avant.com

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