Can I make changes to upcoming installments?

At Avant, we want to provide you the most flexibility possible in managing your loan. If you would like to edit the date or amount of your repayment:

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Select “Add/Change Payments” (on the left hand side)
  3. Select either “Change my upcoming payment” or “Change a future payment” from the drop down list
  4. After selecting the appropriate payment date, select the new date to which you would like to move the payment
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Once satisfied with the terms of the payment arrangement select “Confirm & Submit” and we will reschedule the payment †

If you would like to change the repayment date for your entire payment schedule, please contact our friendly Payment Support team at 1-800-712-5407.

†Payments cannot be moved more than 10 days beyond the regular installment date. We are unable to process payment change requests if they were received after 3:30pm CT for Remotely Created Check payments, or 5:30pm CT for Automated Clearing House payments, the business day before the installment date. 
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