How do I update my phone number and address?

The following FAQ does not apply to the secured personal loan product. Please click here to contact us for inquiries related to the secured personal loan product.

To review the personal information we have on file in connection with your loan account, log into your dashboard and select “Account Settings” under “My Account” (located in the top right corner). Alternatively, you can review this information in your loan agreement.

To update your personal information, please follow the instructions listed below. 

Updating your phone number

From your email address on file with Avant, send an email to with your updated phone number and/or email address. 

Updating your home address

Using your email address on file with Avant, email documents that support your home address change, such as a driver’s license, recent utility bill, lease agreement, or bank statement to

Please note, expired identification, bills/statements outside of 30 days, or altered documents will not be accepted.

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