What are the fees?

The following FAQ does not apply to the secured personal loan product through Avant. Please click here to contact us for inquiries related to the secured personal loan product.

Administration Fee, Late Fees and Dishonored Payment Fees

We know loan fees can be confusing. At Avant, we are committed to a transparent fee structure that makes it easy for you to understand.

You may be charged an administration fee, which is an upfront fee automatically deducted from your loan proceeds at the time the loan is funded. This non-refundable fee is only assessed if your loan is issued. If you are charged an administrative fee, it will be disclosed when you check your loan options. 

Late fees may apply if a scheduled payment is missed, although the amount and time of the application of the late fee varies by state.

Dishonored payment fees may apply if a scheduled payment is returned unpaid.

If paying with a credit card, please be aware that Avant does not charge any fees for credit card payments, your card issuer may impose a processing or transaction fee. Any transaction or processing fees charged by your card issuer will be detailed in your cardmember agreement. 

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